About Us

William L. Lupkin Designs offers the services of total design, fabrication, and installation of leaded stained glass, mosaics and murals; and the restoration of religious, commercial, and residential stained glass. The artists and craftsmen of Lupkin Designs have experience in all phases of the stained glass industry, from fully painted stained glass, leaded art glass, and mosaic. All work, whether it is new or restoration, is designed to meet a clients' needs and individual tastes.

It is the special magic of stained glass, that light, which merely lays on the surface of other mediums of art, is here allowed to pass through the window and transforms common daylight into a work of beauty. Truly, the purpose of stained glass windows is to excite in the soul feelings of reverence, adoration and beauty. This is especially true of religious pieces, which are a specialty of William L. Lupkin Designs of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

In an age where craftsmen are becoming ever more rare, William L. Lupkin Designs retains and adheres to the old philosophy that the quality of the work is the first priority.

William L. Lupkin Designs produces beautiful stained glass, mosaics, and artwork for your church, business or home according to your needs and specifications that will last for generations to come.

William L. Lupkin Designs is a studio member of the Stained Glass Association of America and the Better Business Bureau.